About HAI

Health Action International (HAI) is a Dutch-based non-profit organisation working to increase access to essential medicines and the rational use of medicines. Using a mix of world-class original research and evidence-based advocacy, HAI has a global civil society network of organisations and individuals to influence policy decisions that bring about equitable access to essential medicines, as a contribution to universal health coverage. HAI is in Official Relations with the WHO, with whom it works on various projects, such as the gold-standard methodology for the measurement of medicine prices, availability and affordability and the teaching manual for medical and pharmacy students, Understanding and Responding to Pharmaceutical Promotion. Current projects include the global Medicines Transparency Alliance  (MeTA), access to insulin, not-for-profit pharmacy chain modelling in Zambia and availability of snakebite polyvalent.

In the European Union (EU), HAI is engaged in intellectual property regimes that limit access to medicines, the impact of EU free trade agreements, the availability of high-cost medicines, transparency of regulatory practice and clinical trial data.


Health Action International (HAI) is working towards a world where all people, especially those who are poor or marginalised, are able to exercise their human right to health. Our goal is to achieve universal and equitable access to affordable essential medicines of assured quality and to ensure that those medicines are used rationally to promote the highest standards of health throughout the world.


HAI and its partners recognise that poverty and social injustice represent the greatest barriers to sustainable health and development. Together, we work for just and equitable societies where people can participate in making the decisions that affect their health and well being. It is only by achieving sustainable levels of good health that citizens can take a full and active part in development.


HAI supports rational and economic medicines’ policy and advocates for social justice in health care by improving access to essential medicines and promoting the rational use of medicines.



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