HAI Annual Reports, Financial Statements & Staff Declarations

HAI is committed to the highest standards of financial transparency and accountability. Our annual reports and financial statements can be found below. Do not hesitate to contact our office for more information.

2014: Annual Report and Financial Statements (combined)

2013: Annual Report and Financial Statements (combined)

2012: Annual ReportFinancial Statements

2011: Annual ReportFinancial Statements

2010: Financial Statements 2010

Commitment to Transparency

Health Action International values transparency. For more information about our commitment to openness, please read our transparency statement.

Business Conduct Guidelines

Our Business Conduct Guidelines provide the ethical and legal framework within which we want to maintain successful activities. They contain the basic principles and rules for our conduct within our organisation and in relation to our external partners and the general public. They set out how we meet our ethical and legal responsibility as an organisation and give expression to our organisational values of being “responsible – excellent – innovative.”