Past Events

Summer SchoolHealth and Globalisation & Campaigns Skills Lab

15-25 Sept 2013 IPPNW, The Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and HAI Europe organised a summer school, public conference and campaigns skills lab on “Health, Pharma and Globalisation” in Berlin from 15-25 Sept 2013.

32 enthusiastic international students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds won the chance to participate in the Summer School. The five-day programme explored the challenges of Global Health and the role of the pharmaceutical industry in the context of globalization. The Summer School included a preview film screening of ‘Fire in the Blood’ and a three-day campaign and advocacy ‘Skills Lab’. During the Summer School, students attended lectures from academic experts and representatives from numerous organisations including the World Health Organization, BUKO Pharma-Kampagne, and IPPNW, and of course, HAI.

The aim of the Campaign Skills Lab was to help students link theory and practice. This three-day interactive part of the Summer School worked both on the theoretical and practical level, for example how to develop a successful campaign, incorporating the new opportunities and challenges relating to digital tools, mapping actors, social media, and advocacy in a global environment. The skills workshops, led and supported by current and former NGO representatives, campaign experts and social media practitioners (including HAI Europe policy advisors and HAI Europe members) encouraged students to create their own campaigns related to a Global Health topic of their choosing. These were presented to the rest of the group, to demonstrate skills learned in advocacy, lobbying and media. Certificates were presented to the students upon course completion.

The schedule for the Summer School is available here.
The schedule for the Campaign Skills Lab is available here.

Click here to read what the students thought about the Summer School.

HAI Presentation: Trade, TRIPS+ and Access To Medicines, by Tessel Mellema.

HAI Presentation: Pharmaceuticals, Globalisation and Civil Society, Tim Reed.

HAI Presentation: Demystifying EU Lobbying – Berlin Summers School Skills Workshop.

Speakers who participated in the Summer School:

Dr. med. Peter Tinnemann – the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Dr. Tim Reed – Health Action International
Dr. Barbara Mintzes – the University of British Columbia
Dr. med. Nicola Kaatsch – Hopstial Diakoniekrankenhaus
Dr. med. Eva-Maria Schwienhorst – IPPNW
Trevor Evans – the European Economists for Alternative Economic Policy in Europe
Dr. Anna Zorzet – ReAct (Action on Antibiotic Resistance)
Dr. Christian Wagner-Ahlfs – BUKO Pharma-Kampagne
Clara Matthiessen – University of Copenhagen & UAEM
Jörg Schaaber – BUKO Pharma-Kampagne
Tessel Mellema – Health Action International
Detailed bios of the speakers who participated in the event are available here.

HAI Global Health Conference

21 Sept 2013 – The Institute for Social medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin), IPPNW and HAI Europe held a one-day Global Health public Conference: “Big Pharma: Good Pharma – Bad Pharma ?”.

Debates and workshops covered topics such as conflicts of interest, clinical trial data transparency, disease mongering, pharmaceutical marketing and rational use, medicine pricing and access, and issues of efficacy regarding ethical surveillance systems and effective regulation of clinical trials.

The schedule for the event is available here.
Videos recordings of seven presentations filmed at the conference are available for viewing here.

Speakers who presented at the conference included:

Hans V. Hogerzeil, MD, PhD, FRCP Edin – Groningen University (Netherlands) Presentation
Prof. Maximilian – De Courten University of Copenhagen
Caroline Walter – TV-Journalist and editor of ARD-Magazine Kontraste Presentation
Dr. med. Günther Jonitz – German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) Presentation
Patrick Durisch – The Berne Declaration
Clara Matthiessen – Clara Matthiessen – University of Copenhagen & UAEM
Dr. Christian Wagner-Ahlfs – BUKO Pharma-Kampagne Presentation
Vanessa López – Salud por Derecho (Right to Health Foundation)
Jörg Schaaber – BUKO Pharma-Kampagne Presentation
Tessel Mellema – Health Action International
Dr. Barbara Mintzes – the University of British Columbia Presentation

Further information on the event is available here.

Annual General Meeting for Members of the HAI Europe Association

22 Sept 2013

The HAI Europe Association AGM was held in Berlin this year, to coincide with the Summer School and Global Health Conference. Information about the HAI Europe Association Board can be found here. For more information please contact Rose de Groot.

Can EU Citizens Afford their Medicines? The Economic Crisis & Access to Medicines in Europe

16 May 2013 – EPHA with the cooperation of HAI Europe, PGEU, TACD, EATG and EAHP organised the event “Can EU Citizens Afford their Medicines? The Economic Crisis and Access to Medicines in Europe” in the European Parliament, Brussels. This meeting revolved around various political processes linked with the economic crisis, discussing the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy, as well as pharmaceutical legislation.

– An invitation for the event can be viewed here.
– The day’s programme is available here.
– The Joint Press Statement, ‘Access to Medicines in Europe: The EU Cannot Save Banks While Sacrificing People’s Health’ is available here.
– The Tweet thread from the event can be viewed here.
– A Seminar Report from the event is available here.


· Aida Batista (European Association of Hospital Pharmacists)
On the frontline of access to medicines in Europe.

· John Chave (Secretary General of the Pharmaceutical Group of the EU)
Medicine Shortages.

· Jose Manuel Silva (President of the Portuguese Medical Association)
Economic Crisis: Acc­ess to Medicines in Europe

· Nicky Voudouri (Medical Coordinator, PRAKSIS)
Access to Health the­ Greek situation.

· Christine Leopold (Austrian Health Institute – WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information)
Pharmaceutical polic­y measures implement­ed in response to the recession in Europ­e (2012-2013)

· Els Torreele (Director, Access to Essential Medicines Initiative Open Society Foundations)
Public interest driven drug­ development is poss­ible cost effective and leads to affordable medici­nes.

· Hugo Hurts (Director Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Medical Technology, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport – The Netherlands)
Cost Containment. Me­asures in the Nether­lands

· James Love (Knowledge Ecology International)
Delinkage.The Econo­mic Crisis and Acces­s to Medicines in Eu­rope.

· Joan Rovira (Department of Economic Theory, University of Barcelona)
Can EU citizens affo­rd their medicines?.

· Lieven Annemans (Department of Health Economics at Ghent University and Brussels University)
What can be done to increase equity in access to valuable m­edicines.

· Michel Goldman (Executive Director from the Innovative Medicines Initiative)
The Innovative Medic­ines Initiative.

· Teresa Alves (La Revue Prescrire)
Innovation: a reali­ty check.