HAI Europe Association Board

Details of the Governance of the Association

Governance of the HAI Europe Association is undertaken by an elected Board of no less than five members. HAI Europe Association members are elected to the Board at the the Annual General Meeting. All members of the HAI Europe Association are eligible to stand as board members, nominate board members and to vote for board membership. Board members may stand for a 3-year term of office, renewable once. The Board meets twice a year in the first and last quarters. The articles of Association also provide for the possible replacement of a current Board member in case of long-term illness or non-compliance with the statutory regulations of the Association.

A member of the Stichting HAI Foundation Board is invited to both HAI Europe Association Board meetings.

Duties of the HAI Europe Association Board include representing  the members, by whom they are elected, overseeing the HAI Europe Association membership (admissions, resignations, financial), preparing the Annual General Meeting, and providing content related expert input on the annual work plan of the HAI Europe Regional office.

Statutes for the HAI Europe Association

The HAI Europe Association was registered under Dutch law on 3 November 1994.

The Dutch statutes are binding, the English translation is given as guideline only.

Statutes (EN) (NL)

Profiles of the Association Board with Conflict of Interest (COI) declarations

The composition of the Board changes every 3 years due to a rotation system. There are currently 5 members:

Kathy Glavanis-Grantham (Chair) – BiographyDeclaration of Interests

Barbara Mintzes (Member) – BiographyDeclaration of Interests

Patrick Durisch (Member) – Biography | Declaration of Interests

Wilbert Bannenberg (Member) – BiographyDeclaration of Interests

Signe Mezinska (Member) – BiographyDeclaration of Interests

Composition rotation scheme

Kathy Glavanis-Grantham