HAI Europe Membership

What is HAI Europe Membership?

Membership to HAI Europe is structured under the HAI Europe Association. This was registered in 1994 as a formal association of the HAI Europe network of organisations and individuals who are all interested in promoting the rational use of essential medicines.

The HAI Europe Association is thus the formal membership of the network in Europe. Its membership elects the members of the Association Board, and through the Annual General Meeting helps to shape policy on membership issues, passes resolutions, shares information on activities and campaigns, and comes to a consensus on proposals for the policy and programme of the HAI network in Europe. The Annual General Meeting is held at a different venue in Europe each year, thereby enabling the host country members to expand their own profile both within the network and regionally and allowing as many members as possible to attend

By networking effectively at multiple levels and across regions, HAI promotes and maintains North-North, South-North and South-South communication, exchange of information and collaboration. This method of working brings a diversity of voices, experiences and expertise to global discussions. It aids the flow of information from and to the community level. This exchange is reflected in the Annual General Meeting of the HAI Europe Association. In all regions, HAI network participants are highly committed to the goals of the network and they volunteer their time and expertise. This gives HAI a strategic depth of knowledge, a range of perspectives and unique flexibility in how it responds to health issues.

HAI Europe is an independent network which does not accept funding from commercial entities.

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How to become a HAI Europe Association Member

HAI Europe welcomes new members to the HAI Europe Association who wish to join us and work on important issues. Projects and campaigns are coordinated by the office staff but HAI Europe relies on its members to campaign, lobby, research, and analyze the issues, particularly at the national level. If you believe that the HAI Europe network can complement the work you are doing and you could support HAI Europe, then please complete the HAI Europe Membership Application form (below) and return it to the HAI Europe office. Your application will then be assessed by the HAI Europe Association Board.

Membership application form

HAI Europe Association’s “No Thank You” Charter

This Charter is intended as a supplement to the Declaration of Possible Conflicts of Interests made by HAI Europe members each year. While the Declaration is retrospective, the Charter is forward-looking and provides members with an opportunity to express their commitment to say “No thank you” to activities and relationships that may give rise to conflict of interest situations.

Signatories to this Charter are concerned about research, education and advocacy activities aimed at increasing access to medicines and improving their rational use. They firmly believe that these activities should take place in the interests of public health and should be disentangled from seemingly similar research, education and advocacy activities, but which are driven by commercial interests.

You can read the HAI Europe Association’s “No Thank You” Charter here

List of signatories