Citizen Voices in Medicines Policy

Democratisation of Medicines Policy

Patient and consumer organisations play an important role in directing public attention to social problems and citizen’s needs. Increasingly, these organisations are expanding their roles to include political advisory. In response, political and regulatory bodies have established consultation mechanisms to involve citizens in the decision making process. This project is centered around upholding and advancing citizens’ right and opportunity to participate in decisions that will affect their health and well-being.


November 2010 -View the PCWP meeting agenda & presentations. This meeting was with all eligible organisations.

May 2010
- HAI Europe supports an EU inquiry into the handling of the A/H1N1 Influenza pandemic. Read the open letter.


HAI Europe represents the public health perspective on medicines issues by participating in formal consultations at the national, EU, and global levels; through membership in high-level EU platforms; and by supporting the participation of independent citizen voices in policy debates.