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HAI Europe joins and partners urge European trade commissioner to open TTIP negotiation process to public

As the EU and US held the fifth round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP) negotiations between 19-23 May, international civil society organisations, including HAI Europe, sent an open letter to Karel de Gucht, the European Commissioner for Trade. In it, we urged him to open the negotiation process to the public by releasing the negotiating mandate, documents submitted by the EU and negotiation texts. Read the full letter here.

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Our earlier statement warning that TTIP may sacrifice even more of EU citizens' health for the benefit of multinational industry profits.

A joint position paper that analyses five of the most worrying proposals being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry for inclusion in TTIP.

HAI Europe urges EMA not to backtrack on commitments to clinical trial data transparency

The European Ombudsman has publicly expressed her concerns about an apparent "significant change of policy" by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding clinical trial data transparency. In a letter to the EMA on 13 May, 2014, and a subsequent press release on 16 May, the Ombudsman refers to draft documents produced by the EMA that indicate a turn in the Agency's long-held commitment to the proactive publication of clinical trial data. HAI Europe is extremely concerned that the EMA may be abandoning its commitment to grant public access to clinical trial data, which is greatly need. In our 22 May statement, we urged the EMA to consider clinical trial data a public good; allow users to download, save, edit, print, distribute and transfer the information provided by the database; and provide true public access to the electronic EU database, as required by the clinical trials regulation.

Also available:
Our statement commending the European Parliament's vote to adopt a new clinical trials regulation.

Outcome of WHO Global Technical Meeting:
‘Status Quo Wins Again’

On 4-5 December 2013 experts at a Global Technical Meeting, hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), selected biomedical research and development (R&D) ‘demonstration projects’ to go forward and receive financing. The eight projects that have now been selected, although perfectly scientifically sound, do not divert from the R&D status quo and will demonstrate little, at best, and, nothing, at worst, in terms of establishing new innovation models that use alternative incentives to the current monopoly driven model.

Innovative proposals, disruptive to the status quo, did actually make the 22-proposal shortlist, but were eliminated in the final selection exercise in Geneva and will not go forward. At first sight, this appears to be the direct result of the criteria used for selection; however, whether the demonstration project would test a new approach to R&D was only used as a third-level criterion for selection. This is unfortunate and Health Action International is deeply disappointed with the result. It is difficult to imagine what lessons the selected demonstration projects will offer the current system of global health R&D. They will certainly not contribute to the search for a structural solution to the current failure of global health R&D. Read HAI Europe's Statement here.

To learn more about our current priorities and work areas, read our 2014 Work Plan.