Tanning Tablets Before and After Results Revealed

Find Out What You Can Expect from Taking Tanning Pills

A lot of people are wondering about the effectiveness of tanning tablets. Do they really make your skin darker? How long does it take to get a tan? Do you need to lie outside in the sun or inside on a sunbed at the same time you are taking the pills to get the best results?

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Well, to answer all of your tanning tablets before and after results questions, we have written this short article. Please keep reading to discover everything you need to know about tanning tablets and their effectiveness.

Do Tanning Tablets Really Make the Skin Darker?

Yes, they do and the process by which they do it is easily explained. Tanning pills contain natural ingredients that increase melanin production in the body. Melanin is the pigment that naturally darkens the skin.

Buy Now ButtonSo by taking tan tablets you can darken your skin. One thing to watch for when it comes to the ingredients found in tanning pills is does the product contain beta carotene and/or canthaxanthin? Experts consider these to be “cheap ingredients” that produce an orange tint on the skin that doesn’t look very realistic.

Bypass products that contain these two ingredients and instead look for tanning tablets that contain Copper, PABA and L-Tyrosine like our own HAI Tanning Tablets. These natural ingredients will help you get the golden brown tan you desire.

How Long Does it Take for Tanning Tablets
to Produce Results?

Results vary by product. For example, users of our HAI Tanning Tablets have reported seeing results in as little as a week or even sooner. Almost all report darkened skin within two weeks.

What to expect: a gorgeous golden brown tint to the skin that makes it look like you’ve just returned from holiday where you spent ample time laying out on a beach under the sun. In fact, if you want to tell people that’s how you got your tan, go ahead, they will be none the wiser based on your appearance!

Should You Lie Outside or Use a Sun Bed to Improve Your Tanning Pills Before and After Results?

No, you do not have to lie outside or use a sunbed. Simply taking your tan tablets consistently is all you have to do to darken the skin.

However, if you want to get an even faster and/or darker tan, you can use HAI Tanning Tablets as a tan accelerator or tan enhancer.

Buy Now ButtonJust take the pills as directed and then lie outside or in a sunbed to get your tan. Just remember, because you are taking the tanning pills you will not have to lie outside or in the sunbed as long as you did previously to see results.

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HAI Tanning Tablets are a great tan accelerator, which will allow you to get tan quicker and to better avoid the dangers that come with being subjected to UV light.

Remember, UV light from the sun and from sunbeds can damage the skin causing wrinkles and other signs of again. UV light exposure can also lead to skin cancer – so please be careful!

A Final Word On Tan Tablet Results

If you have pale skin, tanning tablets can be a great way to darken the skin. Darkened skin can help you look younger and healthier. Don’t be surprised if friends and family start asking you if you are doing something different – like exercising or losing weight.

They may notice something different, something even more pleasing about your appearance, but they may not be able to put their finger on what it is at first.

Buy Now ButtonYou may also be surprised to see how good it makes you feel to have so many people commenting positively on your appearance!

Here’s what some users of our HAI Tanning Tablets had to say about their before and after results:

“Before I started taking HAI Tanning Tablets I was so pale that I looked sickly. But after just two weeks of taking HAI Tanning Pills, everything changed. Instead of looking older than my age, I started to look much younger. I got so many compliments. Many people thought that I had lost weight. Others told me I must be exercising – but the truth is the only exercising I was doing was opening the lid to the bottle that contained HAI Tanning Tablets.” – Charlene

“Where I live in Britain it seems like it is grey and cloudy year-round. It’s really no wonder I was so white. But HAI Tanning Tablets have enabled me to darken my pale skin and look like I just came back from holiday. I think all my outfits look better now when I’m wearing them and that I look better, too. It’s all due to my tanned skin, which is now a lovely golden brown. I’m so proud of how I look where before I was almost embarrassed to go anywhere in public. I’m so thankful for HAI Tanning Pills.” – Sheena

“I started working out a couple of months ago and I didn’t like how my pale skin looked with my newfound more muscular, trimmer body. Taking HAI Tanning Tablets helped me get the healthy appearance I was after.” – Scott

Buy Now ButtonAgain, results vary by product and by the user. What helped one person look darker in a couple of days may take another person a couple of weeks.

The key to ensuring results you will be satisfied with is finding a product with natural ingredients that approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safe use and that doesn’t contain beta carotene or canthaxanthin. You don’t want to get a cheap-looking, orange tan.

Just keep these simple tips in mind and you could be looking darker in no time. And you’ll be able to get that tan without using any messy lotions or creams or without getting a spray-on tan that can leave streaks on your skin and that can rub off on your clothes.

To learn more about our HAI Tanning Tablets and their effectiveness click here.