Tanning Tablets Reviews: Discover Who Has The Best Online

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We Searched the Internet So You Don’t Have to … Here’s What Others Are Saying About Tanning Pills Online

Reading online tanning tablet reviews is a great way to separate the good tanning pills from the bad.

We recently scoured the web for every tanning pill review we could find and here is what we discovered:

  • Our own HAI Tanning Tablets has the highest number of positive reviews for the type of product!
  • Products containing beta carotene and/or canthaxanthin uniformly receive the lowest reviews in this market place!

In fact, we couldn’t find many positive tanning pills reviews for any product containing beta carotene or canthaxanthin other than those that were obviously fake.

We have to say that tanning pill review writers were not kind to our competition at all. So what are review writers saying about our own HAI Tanning Tablets?

Buy Now ButtonFollowing are two reviews that we found that we believe are pretty representative of what users are saying about our product online.

HAI Tanning Tablets Review

What Is It?

HAI Tanning Tablets is a powerful pill that claims to help users tan their skin without lying outside in the sun or on a sunbed (tanning bed).

What Is In It?

HAI tanning pills contain safe, all-natural ingredients that have been shown to increase the production of melanin, which is the pigment in the body that darkens the skin. More specifically, HAI tan tablets contain copper, PABA and L-Tyrosine among other ingredients.

Here’s How HAI Tanning Tablets Work:

Users take the tablets as directed each day. The all-natural ingredients boost melanin production and darken the skin without the user having to lie outside or pay money at a tanning salon.

Users report getting golden brown tans in as few as a couple of weeks – and some even sooner than that.

Buy Now ButtonMy Experience With This Product (A User Called Linda)

“I started using HAI Tanning Tablets three weeks ago, and I have already reached my goal of having much tanner skin.”

“This unique little pill really made it easy to get a tan. I didn’t have to lie outside and battle bugs and the heat. I also didn’t have to use messy lotions or creams and I didn’t have to risk skin damage by lying in a sunbed either.”

“I also noticed additional benefits of using HAI tan tablets.”

“For instance, HAI tanning pills also reduced my appetite so I lost some weight while I was getting my tan and my hair and nails also both grew stronger thanks to the beneficial natural ingredients in the product.”

“Because it has worked so well for me, I highly recommend HAI Tan Tablets to anyone looking to get an all-over golden brown tan.”

“Only HAI Tanning Tablets contain an exclusive combination of powerful ingredients that work together to naturally darken the skin fast. There is also no beta carotene or canthaxanthin that give you that fake orange look. With this product, you get a golden brown tan, which is what everyone finds desirable.”

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Here is another review of HAI Tanning Tablets that is fairly typical to what’s now on the web about our product.

Buy Now ButtonWhat You Really Need to Get a Dark, All-Over Tan!

“Hi, my name is Andrea and I am yet another HAI Tanning Tablets success story – I got a great tan in less than two weeks and I did it without exposing my skin to dangerous UV light from the sun or from a tanning bed.”

“I live in an area where it rains frequently and so the number of days that you are able to sunbathe is very limited. Also, I don’t like to use sunbeds because of the health warnings associated with them.”

“So I thought I was destined to have pale skin for the remainder of my life … until I read about HAI Tan Tablets.”

“I have to admit I was a little sceptical when I first tried HAI tanning pills. I really didn’t expect much to happen but I decided to give them a chance anyway.”

“It wasn’t long after I started taking them that I began to notice a difference. My boyfriend saw the change even before I did and said he really liked my darkening skin. He said I looked healthier and more youthful.”

“Within a week I had a good tan and people at work were asking me what I was doing differently to look so good.”

“I just told them that we had taken a weekend trip and I had gotten a little sun.”

“My skin continued to darken each day and within two weeks I had the full, golden-brown tan that I had always wanted but had never been able to get up until now.”

Buy Now Button“To sum up, my experience with this product couldn’t have been better. I got a tan and the product didn’t upset my stomach or give me an orange tint.”

“I’ve seen many reviews online where tanning pill users were complaining about looking orange and this worried me. But I did my research and I discovered that the orange tint that is produced by some products is due to their containing beta carotene and/or canthaxanthin.”

“One of the reasons I chose HAI tanning pills were because they do not contain either of those ingredients.”

“The bottom line is you might think it is crazy to be able to get a tan without lying out but it really is possible – I’m living proof of that.”

“And not only did I get darker skin but HAI Tanning Tablets also offered other benefits.”

“I actually lost 4 pounds while using the product. The ingredients made me feel fuller so I ended up eating less. I also experienced more lustrous hair, my nails got stronger and my skin got smoother.”

“This is really a great product – and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

“If you want to get a golden-brown tan – even if you have the whitest, palest skin – this is the product for you!”

To learn more about our HAI Tanning Tablets and to read testimonials from satisfied users, click here.