Do Tanning Tablets Work?

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Discover If Tanning Pills Are Really
Worth the Money or Not …

Women and men wanting to get a golden brown tan have long faced a dilemma – should they risk lying outside or in a sunbed just to look more attractive?

Scientists tell us that harmful UV light from the sun can cause everything from wrinkles to sunspots to skin cancer and those same scientists tell us that lying in a sunbed when you are under 30 can increase your risk of getting skin cancer later in life by up to 75%!

Clearly, there ais a lot of risk associated with getting a suntan … but still people persist in sunbathing – the lure of having attractive golden brown skin is just too strong.

But what if there was another way – a way to get tan without the risk of sunbathing or using a sunbed?

Would you be interested in learning more?

If so, please get comfortable and read the rest of this short article now as you are about to discover an amazing way to get tanned skin without subjecting yourself to any of the risks associated with laying outside in the sunlight or on a tanning bed.

The New, Safe Way to Get a Tan

Today, smart people who want to darken the colour of their skin aren’t sunbathing, they are taking tanning tablets like our own HAI Tanning Tablets.

That’s right, there are actually tanning tablets that darken the skin naturally so you don’t have to risk exposure to dangerous UV light.

But do tanning pills work?

Research indicates that they do! Basically, good tan tablets like ours contain natural ingredients that boost our body’s production of melanin.

Melanin is the natural pigment which darkens our skin.

So, yes, you can get darker skin without lying outside. All you have to do is take tanning pills consistently.

Buy Now ButtonAccording to experts, tanning pills can start making the skin appear darker in as little as a week or two – giving you the same tan that you would have gotten by laying outside or in a sunbed.

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You could take tan tablets to get tanner and just tell friends and relatives that you got the tan on holiday or while off from work – it’s totally up to you!

Unfortunately, when it comes to tanning tablets some work better than others.

Tanning Tablets That Work

When it comes to selecting a tan tablet brand that works you should look for one that contains natural ingredients like Copper, PABA and L-Tyrosine. These ingredients have been shown to work together to increase melanin production and darken the skin.

Buy Now ButtonYou should stay away from tanning pill formulas that use beta carotene or canthaxanthin as ingredients.

Beta carotene and canthaxanthin are “cheap, substitute” ingredients that produce an orangish tint on the skin. In other words, your tan will look “fake” and you won’t get the sexy golden brown, sun-kissed colour that everybody desires and everybody finds attractive.

We are proud to say that our highly reputable HAI Tanning Tablets contain Copper, PABA and L-Tyrosine and do NOT contain beta carotene and canthaxanthin.

Our HAI Tanning Tablets also have a long list of positive testimonials from satisfied clients as further proof of their effectiveness.

Other Things to Consider When Looking
for Tanning Pills That Work

In addition to studying ingredient labels, you should look for tanning tablets that don’t have a long list of side effects.

Take, for example, our own HAI Tanning Tablets. This product has only minor side effects such as stool discolouration – and actually, it has additional positive effects such as weight loss and stronger nails.

Buy Now ButtonSo to recap: you should look for tanning pills that are produced using ingredients the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified as safe for use and that also may make the hair more lustrous, nails stronger and may help you lose weight.

a picture od a woman with very nice tanned skin

For example, HAI Tanning Tablets’ proprietary formula may help you feel fuller so that you eat less, which in turn will produce weight loss to go along with your darker, sexier skin.

Depending on your goals, you may also want to look for tanning tablets – such as HAI – that can be used as a tanning enhancer or accelerator. This way you can get an even faster, darker tan while spending less time in UV light.

Avoiding UV light exposure is important both for your current health and your future appearance.

As we’ve already stated, UV light can cause skin cancer but it also has other effects that may be lesser-known.

Buy Now ButtonFor instance, UV light ages the skin. That’s right, at a time when adults are trying to look younger than their age, UV light can make you look much older than your actual age.

That’s because UV light can damage skin cells causing wrinkles, sunspots and other skin damage to appear.

In fact, Time Magazine says that sunburns “cause DNA damage to the skin, accelerate skin ageing, and increase your lifetime skin cancer risk. In fact, sustaining five or more sunburns in youth increases lifetime melanoma risk by 80 per cent.”

Nobody wants that! And that’s why tanning tablets are becoming so popular now. They allow you to get a good, attractive tan fast without risking your health.

The good news is if you have pale skin and want to get a darker tan that is now possible thanks to tanning tablets like our own HAI.

No longer do people have to risk sunburns or go through the other frustrations that can come with tanning, such as:

  • Waiting for the sun to come out on a grey, rainy day that happens to be the only day you have off from work
  • Or going to the tanning salon and having to wait for a sunbed to become available … or having to pay more than what you wanted to get your tan
  • Using lotions and creams that can get on your other possessions and create a mess
  • Or using spray tans that can streak or discolour your clothes

Tanning tablets do work. The key is selecting a trusted brand that has the right ingredients like HAI.

You can learn more about our HAI Tanning Tablets here