Things to Consider Before Rushing Off and Buying a Sunbed

The results of tanning can be amazing and really boost your confidence and your general appearance. The issue with tanning is that the process isn’t as appealing as the end result.

The most desirable way to gain that bronzed look is by sitting back and enjoying the sun while gaining a tan. Though this is the preferred way to get tanned, it is the least accessible.

a open sunbed that is switched on

This is due to the weather’s inconsistent behaviour and the lack of opportunity to sit back and get some rays while also juggling work and other responsibilities.

There are plenty of methods that people use to try and replicate the tanned look. From spray ons to fake tan, none of them quite make the cut and are often a messy process.

The closest that we have got is the invention of the sunbed. This has allowed us to reach the natural tan look without all of the hassle of mess.

However, if you want to use a tanning bed you have to deal with the strenuous process of traveling to a salon that offers tanning and also paying any fees they may have.

You also have limitations of opening hours which may not fit into your schedule. So what is the best solution to this?

Buy your own for your own home. Sunbeds are surprisingly inexpensive and are really easy to use, here are a few hints and tricks for purchasing a sunbed successfully.

Make Sure You Have Space

A lot of people jump into buying a sunbed without really taking into account just how big they are. These things are usually about 7ft in length which is quite a substantial size.

The best places to keep a sunbed are usually spare bedrooms or garages. So before you buy anything, check whether or not you have space. If you don’t have the space, you have the opportunity to make it.

Find The Best Seller

It’s not always the best idea to go for the first supplier that comes up on Google. Take some time to really look into who you are purchasing your sunbed from.

a man laying on a sunbed face down

It’s worth it to look at reviews on pages like Facebook, where you are more likely to find honest opinions from customers.

Looking more in-depth into your sellers may also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Choosing Whether Or Not To Buy Second Hand

You may be shocked at the notion of buying a second-hand sunbed but buying a second-hand machine has become a very popular option.

If you’re worried about the sanitary side of this you have to consider that sellers sell their sunbeds only after being sanitized.

You also have to consider that buying a second-hand sunbed is far cleaner than going out and using one at a salon where the cleanliness is unknown.

This is a cheaper alternative to buying a brand new sunbed, so if your only hesitation about buying a sunbed is the price aspect, this may be appealing to you.

Something you need to consider however is that every product has a shelf life. This means, if you’re buying a sunbed that has already been used for two years then you may not get the same life span as one that is brand new.

Running Costs

Before you buy a sunbed you should look at how much energy the bed will use. This will usually be included in the technical details and will help you estimate any running costs.

Some of the newer sunbed models are far more eco friendly and so will have lower running costs, but a bigger initial cost.

If you purchase an older and cheaper sunbed then they may have higher energy consumption.

a top of the range sunbed waiting for a user

This will make them quite expensive to run in the long run and so you should take this into consideration if you don’t want to deal with any annoying electricity bills.

There Are Many Different Payment Opportunities

You don’t necessarily have to purchase your sunbed outright. With any expensive technology like cars and laptops, there is always the possibility of setting up payment plans.

This means that you won’t spend a lot of money all at once and usually comes with little to no interest.

When you purchase items on a lease they also often come with a sense of security and repair insurance.

This means that if you have any issue with your sunbed then you have the chance to send it back to the provider and have any repairs done or have any parts replaced.

One potential downside of purchasing by lease is the commitment of having those small regular payments for an extended period of time.

If you no longer want the sunbed, you can’t just sell it on and the monthly payments disappear, you will still need to pay for it.

Any Additional Needs

If you’re someone who has any additional physical needs you should look at what extra features some sunbeds may offer to help with these needs.

For example, if you’re quite a forgetful person there are a number of sunbeds that come with automatic timers, which secures not only the safety of your body but of your house.

There is also a number that comes with dials in which you can increase and decrease the intensity, along with other features, such as added face tanners that you can turn on or off.

This means you can really cater the sunbed that you buy to fit your needs. Don’t just purchase the sunbed that looks good or is of good value.

Again, any additional features should be listed in any technical detail section when purchasing, so it’s really worth looking into, just so that you know that your needs are being met.


While you’re doing all the necessary research into finding the right sunbed, you should also look into all the safety measures you’ll have to follow once you own your sunbed.

There is a lot that goes into owning and running a sunbed, so you should really make yourself clear of any procedures you may need to do for maintenance and safety purposes.

Most importantly always make sure you get a second opinion when you’re buying your sunbed. It’s easy to get excited and push forward when it comes to any big purchases, so make sure you have the right resources and income to proceed.

If you want to learn more about sunbeds click here.

Disclaimer: It is best to not use sunbeds at all as they are proven to cause damage to your skin and health.

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