HAI Europe

What is HAI Europe?

HAI Europe is a non-profit, independent network of consumer groups, public interest NGOs, healthcare providers, academics, and individuals working on pharmaceutical policy issues in Europe. The HAI Europe office coordinates actions with, and on behalf of, its members.

Following the World Health Assembly in May 1981, NGOs from 26 countries came together and established a network of world experts in medicines policy–Health Action International (HAI)–to counteract the increasing influence of the pharmaceutical industry on public health issues and to represent the interests of consumers in healthcare policy debates.

The HAI Network

HAI Europe, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is part of a larger global network with three other regional offices in Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America & Caribbean, and a Global office and Secretariat, also based in Amsterdam.

What does HAI Europe work on?

HAI monitors and advocates on policies in Europe that affect medicines on three thematic priorities: Access to Essential Medicines, the Rational Use of Medicines, and the Democratic Governance of Medicines Policy.

How we work

HAI Europe employs a variety of evidence-based advocacy tools to influence policy-making that affects medicines. We research and analyse policy and governance structures; producing technical reports, briefing papers, factsheets, and press materials. We host public events and seminars to raise awareness about medicines policy issues and we contribute to public debate by providing policy recommendations and expertise on the public health and economic impacts of policy. HAI Europe engages with civil society partners throughout our network and beyond, forming issue-based coalitions to strengthen and multiply the voices of citizen-stakeholders.

HAI Europe Leaflet

HAI Europe Work Plan 2015