Good Governance for Medicines

Democratisation of Medicines

As medicines are the most common health intervention, HAI Europe firmly believes that pharmaceutical policies should address wide public health needs. Our exclusive focus on policy analysis provides us with a unique perspective amongst European health stakeholders. HAI Europe’s campaigns aim to ensure that EU policies and decision-making align with societal interests, preventing commercial interests from overriding the interests of public health.


26 Apr 2012 – HAI Europe is part of the civil society campaign on reforms of the EU Access to Documents Rules. Read the full document here. This petition is still open for signatories. Please contact Pamela Bartlett Quintanilla, Researcher and Campaigner at Access Info Europe, for further information.

28 Mar 2012 – HAI Europe / CEO latest report Divide & Conquer: A look inside the EU pharmaceutical industry lobby. Read the press release and full report.

Policy Briefs & Reports

The patient & consumer voice and pharmaceutical industry sponsorship establishes a link between the opinions of advocacy groups on EU medicines policies and the funding they receive from the drug industry. Read more

Patient & consumer organisations at the EMA: Financial disclosure & transparency

A survey of advocacy organisations at the EMA reveals the ineffectiveness of the Agency's transparency criteria. Read more