Independent Medicines Information and Access to Safety & Efficacy Data

Rational Use of Medicines

Prescription medicines require the expertise and supervision of qualified healthcare professionals. Treatment decisions should always be based on unbiased, accurate, and comparative information and patients should be free to make informed choices based on the most objective information and not the most effective advertising. Direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of prescription-only medicines is banned under Article 88 of the EU directive regulating pharmaceutical products. Yet, in the past decade, repeated attempts have been made to erode or eliminate the regulations, most recently under the guise of improving ‘information to patients’.


Nov 2013 - HAI presented the Heads of Medicines Agency’s meeting in Slovenia. The presentation ‘Public access to clinical trial data’ is available here.

Sept 2013 - HAI Europe responds to the European Medicines Agency’s proposal for a policy on “Publication and access to clinical-trial data”. Read the joint press release by HAI Europe, MiEF, ISDB and AIM here.

July 2013 - HAI Europe calls upon EFPIA and PhRMA to truly commit to clinical trial data transparency. Read the full statement here.


Together with our partners, HAI Europe monitors the regulations that prohibit advertising and that govern medicines information in order to prevent promotional messages about prescription medicines.
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